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Who We Are

Authentic Dungeons

Authentic Dungeons is a brand new gaming/hobby store opening in Edmonton, Alberta. We have a heavy focus on community and providing a safe place to explore various fantasy worlds!

The Stargazer is

now open for Bookings


The Rooms

Play your favorite game your way in a specially designed immersive room. All room bookings include access to our extensive gaming library.

An Authentic Experience

Whether you are playing at our open gaming tables, one of our private spaces, or browsing our shop you will feel as though you’ve been transported into a different era.

Book a session in one of our immersive private rooms and access an immense library of rulebooks, miniatures and terrain!

What are the benefits of playing in a private room?


We provide a safe and comfortable environment for gamers of all backgrounds to learn about and enjoy a variety of role-playing games. From guided storytelling to rolling dice to foam weaponry we are experts at introducing you to an incredible new hobby.


Want to start a new adventure or expand your current hobby? We provide a variety of items for sale to enhance your experience even further!


No other tables to talk over you. No one looking over your shoulder. No store owners pressuring you to buy more food or free up the table. Just you and your friends in a themed room!


Access to our gaming library. No need to spend hundreds (*cough* thousands) of dollars on the stuff you need to play! Just show up, get what you need from the library and start gaming! We’ll clean it up after you leave! We have the books for many major roleplaying games with an ever-expanding collection, tiles and terrain to cover your tables (including a 3 foot by 3 foot castle!) and the largest library of miniatures you’re likely to find!


Always wanted to try a tabletop game without having to buy a starter set or army first? Come and sit down for a demo game. Always wanted to try out D&D but just not sure what it’s all about or how to start? Come in and play through an encounter! We have demo games set up and ready for you to experience!


Come talk to our knowledgeable staff who can tell you about local games in Edmonton and help you choose out the right gear no matter if your game is online or in person, at a table, on a desktop or in the woods!


Our themed rooms are designed to feel like you are in another world entirely, taking your gaming experience to the next level.


We have a paint station ready for you to come in and enjoy the atmosphere and company while you work on your latest masterpiece or just try and put some colour on that grey horde.


You can purchase dice, minis and other tools that can enhance your experience further!


Buy your weapons and armour local! Take a lot of the guesswork out of preparing for your next game by seeing your potential kit first hand and making informed decisions! Upgrade your immersion with accessories and finishing touches! Meet other LARPers and chat about upcoming events locally or worldwide!


Whether you stay in the tavern or head up to one of the private rooms for your gaming experience we have snacks and beverages to keep you energized and having fun!

The Library


Background texture of grey gravel


Many books textured background, top view. Multicolored books


Shop coming soon

We can alert you when it’s ready!

Contact Us

Any questions or inquires? Our gnomes have prepared a number of ways for you to get in touch with us and we’re happy to hear from you!