The Lyceum Arcanorum

The Schools of Magic

The domain of the gray school is the collection and preservation of knowledge and power. Especially the discovery of magical lore, both from players as well as emergent and historic Dragon lore is a major focus of the Gray School.

Pursuers of grey magic learn the creation of spell scrolls, which grant non-spellcasters limited access to the power of spells.

Dedicated to the mastery of the magical energies themselves. Casters who specialize in this school manipulate the way magic is cast directly. As such the mastery of the flow of magic makes Shadow school an excellent conduit for rituals, allowing the caster to harness the power of shadow as a ritual component.

The newest form of magic in these lands. The wilds of green magic are still being explored and discovered!

The domain of blue is in protective magic, warding, avoiding fate and the like.

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