Local Celebrity Charity Stream

Authentic Dungeons is joining forces with FreelanceDM and Gettin’ Dicey to host some local celebrities in a special Star Wars: Edge of the Empire adventure to raise money for the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. This adventure will be streamed live on twitch on March 19th at noon.
In addition to supporting the Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund donations through this page (both before and during the stream) will affect the story in various ways! Check back for details.
The Storyteller – Tristan Ham
Tristan is an Entrepreneur, Improvisor and fledgling podcaster!He is currently producing 2 podcasts; one with his brother where they talk about the movies that influenced them as children and how that shaped their parenting. The other is a live play RPG show with guest DM’s running a one shot on their favorite system. Tristan is a veteran RPGer with a unique tone and feeling that brings players back over and over. You never know what to expect from Tristan’s co-operative storytelling style.

Player One – Michael Davidson
An accomplished actor, director, improvisor, and storyteller. Michael created, directed and produced multiple successful Fringe productions including At Life and D


Mar 19 2022


12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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