Warhammer AoS: Gloomspite Gitz


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Mollog the ancient Dankhold Troggoth really just wants to find somewhere dark and damp to go back to sleep, but people keep disturbing him and getting in his way. Suffice it to say, this never ends well for them…

Mollog is a powerful Hero for Gloomspite Gitz armies. Like all Dankhold Troggoths, he’s unbelievably hard to kill, capable of regenerating lost wounds, shrugging off spells or simply using his minions to take hits for him. In combat, he’s a brutal fighter, capable of smashing foes apart with a couple of blows of his club – and attack at range with hurled jabbertoads!

This 4-model set allows you to build Mollog (as well as his diminutive friends!), and is the ideal way to add them to your army if you’re not a Warhammer Underworlds player – or great for spare models if you are. It is supplied in 25 plastic components. These models are push fit, and require no glue to assemble.


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